First Decentralized

Cross-Chain NFT


Built on the Cardano Blockchain


About Verlux

Verlux is a community driven decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace where users will be able to seamlessly mint, buy, sell and swap their NFTs utilizing the low gas fees and security of the Cardano Blockchain. We aim to be the global marketplace where users can trade NFTs on various blockchains fully decentralised and with the strongest security.

Users of Verlux will be able to unlock the full potential of the NFT market where interoperabillity of NFT will become fully functional on our NFT Marketplace, where contents like music, art, ideas, etc. can be digitalized and traded.



Experience Seamless and Efficient NFT Trading on a Multi Faceted NFT Marketplace


  • Stage One
    . Idea conception
    . Whitepaper release
    . Website launch
    . Creation of Social Media handles
    . Deployment of $VLX Token
    . Seed Sale to early investors
    . VLX Token Pre-sale
    . VerluxNFT Marketplace Mockup Design
    . Development of Verlux Cross-chain NFT Platform
    . Demo/Prototype
  • Stage Two
    $VLX Token Public Sale .
    Listing of $VLX on Centralized Exchanges .
    Deployment of Verlux Cross-Chain NFT Platform on Cardano Testnet.
    Implementation of utility function of token .
    such as governance, discount on transaction fees, .
    and earnings from transactions on platform .
    Launch of fully functional Verlux Cross-Chain NFT Platform .
  • Stage Three
    NFT Staking to earn limited editions NFTs .
    Strategic partnership .
    Further marketing / improvement of the Verlux Ecosystem .


// What is Verlux

Verlux is a decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Platform built on the Cardano Blockchain where users will be able to mint, sell and buy NFTs on our marketplace and exchange NFTs that exist on other blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain.

// What makes Verlux diffrent?

Verlux will be launching the first Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace in the NFT Ecosystem making it a top shot in the system already. This has not been possible till now, Verlux will be providing this solution.

// Does Verlux have a Whitepaper?

Yes, you can find our whitepaper here. Included in it is our Roadmap.

// What is the total supply of VLX?

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) $VLX.

// What problem is Verlux Solving?

Verlux is creating a solution to the interoperability of NFTs. With Verlux users will be able to swap NFTs on other Blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain.

// When is Verlux launching?

We will be working in line with our roadmap, we have an estimate to have a fully functional by end of Q1 2022.

// Does Verlux have a Utility Token?

Yes, our utility token is $VLX.

// Will there be a Token Sale?

Yes, We are currently at the Token Sale stage, click here to join.